Challenger 1 Mk.3 - reference material used
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Challenger 1 Mk.3 - reference material used

Concord Publications:

  • Peace by Force : Elite Forces of the IFOR by Yves Debay and James Hill (item no. 4020, ISBN 9623617291)
  • Armor of the West: NATO's AFNORTH and NORTHAG by Yves Debay (item no. 4004, ISBN 9623617046)
  • Blitzkrieg in the Gulf: Armor of the 100-hour war by Yves Debay (item no. 4001, ISBN 9623617011)
  • Operation Granby: Desert Rats Armour and Transport in the Gulf War by Bob Morrison (item no. 2002, ISBN 9623619022)
  • Operation Desert Sabre: The Desert Rat's Liberation of Kuwait by Bob Morrison (item no. 2006, ISBN 9623619065)
  • Challenger 1 & 2: Spearhead of the British Royal Armoured Corps by Walter Böhm and Peter Siebert (item no. 7505,ISBN 9623616708)
  • Special Ops volume 7: Kosovo Special (item no. 5507, ISBN 9623616449)
  • British Army of the Rhine : Armored Vehicles on Exercise (item no. 1012, ISBN 9623610122)

Europa Militaria:

  • Challenger Squadron by Simon Dunstan (ISBN 1861263015)
  • IFOR: Allied Forces in Bosnia by Carl Schülze (ISBN 185915008x)
  • The British Army of the Rhine by Carl Schülze (ISBN 1859150314)
  • Allied Battle Tanks by Yves Debay (ISBN 1872004350)


  • Land Power - the Coalition and Iraqi Armies by Tim Ripley (Desert Storm Special 1, ISBN 1855321777)
  • Challenger Main Battle Tank: 1982-1997 by Simon Dunstan and Peter Sarson (New Vanguard 23, ISBN 1855324857)


  • Desert Rats: The British 4 and 7 Armoured Brigades, WWII to Today by Hans Halberstadt (ISBN 087938767x)
  • Desert War: A unique photographic record of the Desert Rats at war by Mike Moore (ISBN 0140165134)

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