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Mailing address : 15 Cambridge Place NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2K 1P8
Email : dan@onepointed.com
Phone : 613-484-4150 (cel)

Summary of technical skills

Security Clearance
Government of Canada Enhanced Reliability (expires 2018)
Programming languages
Java (J2EE), PHP, XUL, Perl and Perl-CGI, JavaScript, C, Visual Basic
Scripting languages
Perl, C-shell, Bourne-shell, K-shell
Software methodologies
Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Agile methods, design patterns (GoF and J2EE), UML
Web development
HTML, DHTML, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Java servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Service Oriented Architecture, STRUTS, CGI, XML
Software build automation
Jakarta Ant, make, Anthill Pro
Database development
SQL and DDL, JDBC, PL/SQL, data modelling and database design
Database administration
Oracle, MySQL
Source Code Control System
Mercurial, Subversion, GNU CVS and RCS
System administration
Unix (Solaris, Linux -various flavors, HP-UX, Irix), Mac OSX, Windows
Enterprise Applications
Apache HTTPD, Jakarta-Tomcat, ATG Dynamo, BEA WebLogic, Orion, JBoss, SAMBA
TCP-IP services (implementation and administration)
Electronic content management
Open Text LiveLink: LiveLink API (LAPI), Documentum

Work experience

2013 February - present

  • free-lance software developer and systems analyst with a focus on e-commerce solutions
  • provide a full complement of analysis, design, implementation and support services for software and web development projects

Programmer/Analyst - PageMail Inc
2011(August) - present

  • originally contracted to design and develop smart phone and tablet applications and supporting server infrastructure
  • hired as a salaried employee to continue developing server side and end-user components for the ChipTic suite of products using DHTML, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, GPSEE (server side JavaScript)
  • perform database design and maintenance using ANSI SQL on a MySQL 5.x server
  • create and maintain internal technical documentation to facilitate knowledge transfer and system support
  • performed performance analysis and optimization of client and server side components

Programmer/Analyst - Royal Military College of Canada
2011 (February - March)

  • contracted (short-term) to design and develop a web based client-server application
  • developed a PHP/AJAX application which used the CodeIgniter MVC framework
  • jQuery and DHTMLx components were used to provide enhanced user interface functionality
  • created and implemented unit test plans
  • created technical documentation for the purpose of knowledge transfer to system maintenance personnel

Programmer/Analyst - Queen's University, UIS Department
2010 (June - December)

  • created and modified JSP pages and associated J2EE/STRUTS classes used in a non-standard admissions application which enhanced the functionality of the corresponding PeopleSoft registration module
  • solely responsible for the re-design and implementation of a J2EE application and the associated database schema which facilitated student opt-out of optional registration fees; application was deployed and used by all Queen's registrants during the September 2010 registration session
  • created a family of PL/SQL procedures which performed batch updates of registration data from non-standard admission applications to the new PeopleSoft registration system
  • created and maintained technical documentation

Software Engineer and Systems Analyst
2010 (January - June)

  • developed custom software systems for public education institutions, with an emphasis on web based client-server systems
  • provided systems administration services as required to support systems development and deployment
  • performed database data modeling and administration
  • acted as a business analyst, performing requirements analysis, creation of budgets and implementation schedules

Software Developer and Systems Administrator - iStorm
2008 (November) - 2009 (February)

  • developed and maintained web-based and stand-alone thick client software applications using PHP, MySQL, XUL, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX
  • successfully developed a thin client casino gaming application together with the required server infrastructure/software and end user installation wizards for the PC and Mac-OSX
  • performed database data modeling and administration as required to support the development and maintenance of software systems

Systems Administrator - FoodLogiQ Canada Ltd
2008 (January - May)

  • originally hired as a contract software developer, but immediately changed roles to systems administrator and general help-desk type duties
  • administered a heterogenous environment of Unix (Solaris) servers and desktop nodes (Windows XP), Oracle enterprise application servers, database server and a variety of core network services (such as DNS, email, data backup and recovery, directory services, firewall and file transfer)
  • successfully completed a relocation of an off-site server farm with minimal interruption of service
  • ensured the stability and reliability of web application and database servers
  • performed end user support for an small team of developers, DBAs, business analysts and administrative personnel; this included the installation and maintenance of PC based workstations
  • installed and managed network infrastructure servers and services (DNS, SMTP, sFTP, SSH, HTTP, sHTTP)
  • managed a number of vendor relationships to ensure the timely provision of stable network and hardware services
  • created policy and procedure guidelines regarding server and network usage and maintenance, security, expansion and upgrades, user in the absence of any prior documentation of that nature
  • organized and secured a somewhat chaotic network and server environment that had been neglected due to a lack of available expertise
  • installed and tested OS and application software as part of a program to upgrade all servers and software performed disaster recovery on mission critical servers (experienced several major hardware failures)

Application Developer - Critical Mass
2007 (July - December)

  • hired on contract to provide short term project support during an internal re-organization
  • performed maintenance and feature development for several J2EE web application suites running under ATG Dynamo and Oracle
  • enhanced and maintained several web products, each having a large existing code base (consisting of Java, JSP pages, ATG DSP pages and XML) to correct defects and to add new functionality
  • created SQL scripts to maintain and modify web content based on the requirements of clients (website owners)
  • managed the revision control and deployment of all enhancements and defect fixes to ensure seamless integration into the client's server clusters
  • collaborated with quality assurance and release engineers to ensure timely testing and deployment of new features or defect fixes
  • authored technical documentation to facilitate internal knowledge transfer

Team Lead and Configuration Management Specialist - WestJet
2006 (July) - 2007 (July)

  • managed a project team of software developers, business analysts, software test specialists, release control specialists and configuration management specialists to successfully develop and release a new web based passenger check-in and seat selection application
  • planned and facilitated requirements workshops and design sessions with the software system owners (an internal department)
  • project management - created implementation and deployment estimates, organized and managed development and testing activities using an Agile process from the position of both team lead and scrum master
  • worked with various internal departments to facilitate the deployment and ongoing support of production web based applications
  • performed employee performance evaluation, salary planning and career planning sessions
  • assumed the role of configuration management and software build specialist to backfill a vacancy (ie. took on the equivalent of two full-time jobs)
  • performed trouble-shooting of software build process that had been automated using Anthill Pro
  • automated the software build process (continuous integration and release) using Perl, CVS and Jakarta Ant as existing build procedures had failed catastrophically (this involved a lot of unpaid overtime over the Christmas head office break/closure)

Documentum Developer and Business Analyst - Petro Canada
2006 (February - June)

  • hired on contract to perform a major data migration of a large number of documents from shared network storage to Documentum - data migration was completed ahead of schedule
  • created a custom data migration tool using J2EE technology and the Documentum Java API
  • provided Documentum implementation advice and expertise to assist the Oilsands team with records management
  • performed requirements analysis, created project execution plans and implementation schedules for the data migration
  • developed custom solutions to interface with legacy systems or to facilitate ongoing records management

Software Engineer and Business Analyst - Oasis Emission Consultants Inc.
2005 (November) - 2006 (May)

  • hired on contract to design, implement and deploy a web based data collection and reporting tool to be used to capture emission test data
  • built and installed production server hardware, OS and software; server was a 1U rack mountable Intel chassis running RedHat 4, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Postfix and standard network communication and security products
  • performed collection and analysis of end user requirements, created systems architecture design and high level application design and implemented the system using J2EE and a 3-tier client-server architecture
  • performed data modeling, database schema design (and implementation), database administration and performance tuning for MySQL
  • performed unit and integration testing of all end user functionality
  • organized and performed the deployment of the production application server to a commercial shared data centre

Systems Administrator and Software Engineer - Greenserver Inc.
2005 (July) - 2006 (June)

  • contracted part-time to performed routine administration and monitoring of a small farm of NetBSD servers hosting email, DNS, and web (HTTP and HTTPS)
  • administered, optimized and tuned for performance and reliability the following server infrastructure products and services; email (postfix and sendmail), web servers (Apache, Tomcat), DNS, secure-FTP (GNU ftpd), NIS+, database (MySQL)
  • participated in new product development of a proof of concept software system with the goal of creating marketable product prototypes
  • provided systems integration services and created custom middleware as required

Java Implementation Expert and Mentor - Agrium
2005 (July - September)

  • hired on contract to act as a subject area expert to advise, mentor and instruct a team of VB developers on J2EE development
  • organized and supervised numerous group and one-on-one code reviews to ensure quality of the product and to instruct the team in safe coding practices
  • authored best practices guidelines, coding standards, policies and procedures to enable effective team collaboration
  • created development estimates and schedules
  • designed overall web application architecture and structure using a 3-tiered approach and design patterns
  • designed and implemented an application framework and data access layer upon which a real-time status and reporting system was developed, including the creation of UML class diagrams and use case diagrams to document the usage of the framework
  • created nightly build scripts (run from cron) that used both Jakarta Ant and JavaDoc

Software Engineer and Systems Administrator - CleanPix
2003 (September) - 2005 (July)

  • contracted to design and implement an interactive web-based electronic asset repository and collaboration engine using J2EE technology and a 3-tier architecture with an Oracle database as a persistent store - project was completed successfully
  • designed and created a Struts like framework to handle the Servlet request/response cycle and the application presentation layer (it was necessary to create a custom framework to satisfy the customer's requirements for very fine grained control of the application look and feel)
  • performed requirements analysis, data modeling and database schema implementation to facilitate development
  • created software to facilitate the on-demand creation of PDF marketing and publicity documents
  • performed server systems administration (Solaris, Apache HTTPD, Tomcat) and Oracle database administration
  • performed major disaster recovery of the entire server farm after it was compromised by a hostile third party
  • created disaster recovery procedures and ongoing monitoring and audit protocols to ensure that the server farm was safe from future failures or security breaches
  • performed a major move of all production, testing and development servers from an off-site colocation facility to an in-house secure server room; total down-time of production servers was less than 2 hours
  • developed automated server administration and monitoring tools to streamline the operation of the server farm

Software Engineer - Northern Applied Technologies Ltd.
2004 (October) - 2005 (February)

  • contracted to design and implement a real time data collection and reporting tool with a multi user web based interface
  • performed requirements analysis and designed an implemented the system using a 3-tier architecture and J2EE technology
  • performed unit testing and verification of all end-user functionality with JUnit
  • installed and deployed the production server software (Apache, Tomcat, MySQL)
  • deployed release versions of the system to the production server using the Jakarta Ant build/scripting tool

Documentum Administrator and Developer - Xerox
2003 (May - October)

  • hired on contract to provide systems administration, database administration and Documentum administration services to support a major development project
  • installed and customized Documentum eContent Server software and associated products (Foundation Classes, WebTop, Documentum Administrator, Developer Studio)
  • created instructions and documentation to detail eContent server installations and customizations
  • created and customized web-portal front end code (targeting eContent Server instances) using various third party language APIs (Java, VisualBasic-ASP, dmbasic)
  • developed custom administrative tools and scripts (using the Documentum server API) as required to assist in system maintenance and administration tasks
  • provided system administration (IBM WebSphere, Solaris, Linux and Windows) and database administration in support of the Documentum electronic knowledge management system and various associated tools and applications
  • collaborated with internal development and support organizations to facilitate the deployment of new customer applications (running under IBM WebSphere)

Business analyst
2003 (February - March)

  • hired on a short term contract to perform requirements analysis and collation of end user requirements surveys for a proposed implementation of an enterprise document management system
  • summarized data from a large number of survey questionnaires completed by a vertical slice of the target end users
  • compiled data into a series of final reports that were presented to the management team responsible for the decision making regarding the future system implementation

LiveLink Implementation Expert - EnCana
2002 (November) - 2003 (January)

  • hired on contract as a technical prime and business analyst for the deployment of the LiveLink knowledge management system for an exploration and production division
  • defined processes, created job aids, created data migration tools and planned and scheduled the migration of existing documents and data to the LiveLink production environment
  • migrated data from legacy knowledge management systems and from intranet web sites to LiveLink
  • provided framework to interface existing business applications with LiveLink

Senior Programmer Analyst - Nortel Networks
2001 (February) - 2002 (November)

  • acted as a systems analyst, business analyst, systems architect, software developer, database designer and administrator (Oracle, MySQL and mSQL), application server administrator (Apache HTTPD, Orion, Tomcat, JBoss) and systems administrator (Solaris, HP-UX, WinNT) for a variety of 3-tier web applications
  • automated many manual business processes using J2EE (Java) and Oracle or Perl-CGI and mSQL - total time savings realized as a result of the implementation of tools developed has been estimated at 1.8 person years per year
  • responsible for the design, implementation and support of several web-services portals that interfaced with legacy systems
  • designed and implemented software that saved email messages and attached files in the OpenText LiveLink system; this software made extensive use of the Java API for LiveLink (LAPI)
  • acted as a technical consultant for business unit.Fs use of the LiveLink system and provided first line user support for LiveLink
  • responsible for all project planning and scheduling
  • authored all end user documentation, tutorials, roll-out packages and administrative guides using HTML for ease of distribution
  • developed and maintained a Java, JavaScript and HTML coding standard and style guide to ensure consistent quality of work from developers under my supervision

Technical Course Instructor (contract) - ATTA Inc.

  • delivered lectures and supervised lab exercises for two computing courses (Unix Fundamentals and Java Programming for C++ Developers)

Technical Course Instructor (contract) - Columbia College

  • developed course lecture material, facilitated lab and practice sessions, graded assignments, created exams and quizzes for a 2-week introductory web-authoring course

Programmer Analyst - Nortel Networks
1998 - 2001

  • programmer analyst and database designer of a proprietary, collaborative, knowledge management system called WebInfo (an electronic knowledge management system and collaboration portal)
  • performed requirements analysis, data modelling and database design (Oracle), software design and implementation (J2EE, HTML, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Perl), deployment and server administration
  • planned and performed a large, enterprise deployment of the WebInfo system of initially 50 end-users that grew to a user base of over 3,200 users with over 100 GB of knowledge assets
  • delivered twenty releases in 18-months with an estimated $5-7M USD in cost savings through improved workforce productivity
  • developed system modules including database APIs and synchronisation, virus scanning, compression and persistent store, document management functions and remote cache server
  • performed systems administration (Solaris, HP-UX, BEA WebLogic, Apache HTTPD, Tomcat, Java WebServer) and database administration (Oracle) on all production and development server environments
  • developed system monitoring and paging software used to ensure the server availability and providing the capability to resolve problems and outages prior to the corporate IT department even being aware such events
  • trained and mentored new developers and support personnel

System Administrator / DBA / Web Author - Nortel Networks
1997 - 1999

  • systems administrator for a heterogeneous Unix and Windows computing environment that consisted of 300+ client workstations (HP-UX, Solaris, WinNT, Win95) and about 800 GB of server storage
  • performed OS installation and maintenance, detailed proposals for changes, and implemented Unix OS (Solaris and HP-UX) installation and kernel performance tuning to maximise performance of specific client and server software packages
  • performed hardware upgrades and maintenance on servers and workstations which resulted in 70% reduction of the cost of employing expensive vendor hardware technicians
  • complete yearly analysis of required new/upgrades for application software to provide the product designers with the tools required ensuring their success and enhancing productivity
  • lead web author for about 10-15 major corporate intranet web sites, performed requirements analysis with end-users, designed CGI/Perl scripts and developed new HTML content as required
  • acted as the technical lead for the overall business unit's web solutions steering committee

Formal education

  • University of Calgary : BSc Internship in Computer Science (1998)
  • Mount Royal University (formerly Mount Royal College) : Arts and Science Diploma in Computer Science (1995)

Professional courses

  • WestJet training : Leadership and Management Conference - 2006
  • the University of Calgary continuing education department : Introduction to Mandarin - 2005
  • Sun Educational Services : Enterprise Java Beans Programming - 2002
  • The University of Calgary Software Engineering Department : Introduction to XML and XSL - 2000
  • Quadras Inc. : Object Oriented Analysis & Design - UML and Patterns - 2000
  • International Conference for Java Technologies ( JavaCon) - 2000
  • Oracle Education : Oracle 8 : Network Administration - 2000
  • Oracle Education : Oracle 8 : Performance Tuning - 2000
  • Oracle Education : Develop Data Models and Design Databases - 2000
  • Oracle Education : Oracle 8 : SQL Statement Tuning Workshop - 2000
  • Oracle Education : Oracle 8 : Database Administration - 1999
  • Oracle Education : Introduction to Oracle : PL/SQL Fundamentals - 1999
  • Oracle Education : Introduction to Oracle : SQL1 - 1999
  • Microsoft Education : Administering WinNT 4 - 1999
  • John M. Fisher and Associates : Dale Carnegie Human Relations Course - 1993

Volunteer experience:

Kingston Humane Society

  • provide advice and guidance of website design best practices to aid a future re-organization and rebuilding of the KHS website
  • create and maintain content for the website

The Military Museums, Calgary, Alberta

  • participated in the design and construction of an educational exhibit for a new gallery at the Military Museums

Lead organiser for the 2005 and 2006 Albert AFV Modeller show

  • performed all planning, delegation and supervision of activities involved with the preparation and the execution of the event
  • audited and re-wrote the contest rules and scoring guidelines
  • act as a liaison with the venue management to ensure provision of required facilities

Communications and public relations officer for the University of Calgary Pipe Band
2003 - 2005

  • created and maintained the band's website
  • liased with the public regarding events and performances
  • maintained the band's musical scores and made them available via the band's website

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