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Generic modelling stuff

Building a better Chieftain


Community sites

  • AFV News discussion group
    • once there was a website run by George Bradford entitled AFV News, now all that remains is this discussion group
    • this discussion group is frequented by very knowledgeable and helpful individuals and is a great resource from armoured vehicle enthusiasts and modellers alike

  • Armorama
    • a modelling community website devoted primarily to armour and military content but having aircraft and Sci-Fi content present as well
    • thar be good discussion forums here matey (arrrr)

  • Missing Lynx
    • a modelling community website devoted to military scale modelling which has amongst other things a number of excellent discussion forums

  • Modern Canadian Vehicles Forum
    • This forum is dedicated to post WWII Canadian military vehicles.
    • The forum is hosted and moderated by JP Morgan of Maple Leaf Models.

  • Perth Military Modelling Site
    • An excellent source of product reviews and new release announcements.
    • This site is run by Terry Ashley from Perth Austalia.

  • Rocky Mountain Model Club
    • a modelling club based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Listings of modelling and/or military websites

Personal stuff

  • Dan's Modelling Links
    • this is really a brain dump of sorts ... it is a copy of part of my browser (FireFox) bookmarks/favorites
    • please don't bug me about this list being stale, as I refresh it as often as I remember (which isn't too often it would seem)


  • Armoured Acorn
    • Barry Beldam has created and shared many items of impecibably researched and presented reference material such as vehicle markings, colour schemes, ORBATs, vehicle studies and ordnance illustrations.
    • The site started its life as a source of reference material on Canadian subjects, but the coverage has since grown to include other nation's vehicles with the same attention to detail and accuracy previously lavished on Canadian subjects.
    • This site is truly one of the gems of the internet and is a must visit for serious armour modellers.

  • Canadian Forces Image Gallery

  • CJOC Photo Gallery
    • Canadian Joint Operations Command photo gallery

  • Defence Image Database

    • an excellent source of reference material (information and photographs) on modern AFVs from a number of nations
    • While the coverage is somewhat selective (not all AFV producing nations are represented), the material present is of very high quality and very usefull to modeller types (ie. lots of high res photos).
    • The site does require a login (to prevent bandwidth theft most likely), but there is no cost associated and any information submitted is kept strictly confidential.

  • Panzer Modell
    • the site hosts a large number of excellent walk-arounds of modern German armour and soft skins.

  • Plain Military
    • Tony Hoare's website which is devoted to modern British personnel and equipment training on the Salisbury Plain Training Area
    • It is an excellent source of photo reference material for all things modern and British ... though beware of Tony's tractor fetish!
    • There is also a discussion board associated with Tony's very fine site.

  • Prime Portal
    • Don Busack's juggernaut of military reference photos - simply a must visit for armour modellers and enthusiasts alike
    • the site contains a wealth of excellent photos of armoured vehicles, soft skins, infantry gear, aircraft, ships, spacecraft (real ones) and civilian vehicles

  • War
    • a comprehensive online resource for modelers and enthusiasts of armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles from all eras


  • Challenger 1 Mk. 3
  • Challenger 2
    • Sketches and Plans
      • Muzzle Reference System Housing : page 1 (797 KB)
        This sketch is based on a number of photos of the Challenger 2 MBT that I purchased on CD from Jan Willem deBoer. When the Tamiya Challenger 2 kit was released in 2004, a number of people questioned what the simplified kit piece should look like. As I could not share JW's pictures I chose to create the sketch to illustrate the configuration of the assembly.

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